Gnagnone: „I can say I will give 200% of me to this project. If we work seriously and with patience I think we can get a good position in the Czech competition.“

Hello followers and readers! Today, we are brining you a quick interview with another non-local player of our LoL team –  italian toplaner Riccardo „Gnagnone“ Calvani

Have a good reading!


S: „Hello Riccardo. You are one of our new players, that are coming from the international scene. People are now probably asking themselves, who is this new guy in their team? So, I would be glad, if you could now shortly introduce yourself.“

R: „Hey, I’m Riccardo.I’m 23 years old , from Rome,Italy. I play League of Legends since Season 3 .
My main role is TOP lane , actually top lane kinda has the lower impact in the game, but i can will fix it.“ (laugh)


S: „Alright. You are coming from Italian scene of LoL. How do you feel coming to international/Czech team? Do you think it will be a bit different, than playing with your ex-teammates?“

R: „Surely it will be different. But I‘m fine, because I searched so much for an opportunity like this one. I played 2 years in italian competitive scene and i did a lot of improvement , so I want to see if I can smash people out of my region.“


S: „Cool. I am quite curious, what are your strengths in-game? And Also, what are your favorite champs?“ (smile)

R: „One of my strenghts is for sure my focus in-game, when i play, I‘m usually 100% concentrated.

I’m also always positive, when we are behind, we can always comeback. I think, there is always a way out. And I feel I can stomp enemies really hard if I play carry champs.

My favourite champs are Riven, Irelia, Aatrox, Renekton and Jax, because of the playstyle and their lore.“


S: „Okey, let’s move onto a different topic. What are your expectations in life and what are your biggest dreams?“

R: „Actually for work, I draw comics and I‘m a graphic designer. My dream is drawing for Marvel or DC ,or publish my own comics that I’m working on. I read comics every day. I think, that’s my dream. I just love to draw.“


S: „Awesome, I wish you the best of luck, in achieving of everything, that you’ve set. Our interview is almost over. So, I am glad that you gave us your time to talk with you and I hope, you will hit a lot of great results within a team. Now, you have a free hand. You may greet your friends, teammates or or do you have something any inspiring to say?“

R: „I can say I will give 200% of me to this project. If we work seriously and with patience I think we can get a good position in the Czech competition.

I really want to play with this team, so I will give to the team the best of me.

I will carry for sure and smash the other top laner who play against me!“



Our Announced league of legends roster:

TOP – Gnagnone

Jungle – ?

MID – ?

ADC – Zavex

Support – ?

Headcoach – Tom Galli

Analyst – Jan Kalčík

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