21Phoenix League of Legends Coaching team announcement

Dear followers.

Botlane of our last League of Legends roster departed last month following the departure from APL and not qualifying for last Hitpoint and ESL Nationals leagues. The rest of the team – Filip „veri“ Zbytek, Aleš „Mrož“ Dostál and Michael „Flaai“ Přenosil are free agents and are not going to continue with 21Phoenix, moving forward we managed to get  Zavex – the adc of our new roster.

Before we announce rest of our player roster, we want you to meet our Coaching duo.

British headcoach – Tom „THM“ Galli and Analyst Jan Kalčík are joining us to provide the best possible outcomes from our LoL team.

Read our short interview with Tom:


Good day, readers and followers of 21Phoenix. Today, we are bringing you an interview, with our new British head coach for LoL team – Tom.

Enjoy the talk!


S: „Hey there, Tom. Welcome into our interview. You have come to the team just a couple days ago as we gave you the offer to join. People are probably asking, who are you? So, could you please briefly introduce yourself?“

T: „Hi I’m Tom, I’ve been playing League for about 7 years now and over the last 2 years been playing in and coaching small teams competitively in leagues in the UK. I’m super excited to coach in an org for the first time. (smile) I’ve been to a couple of small LANs, both coaching and playing for my university.“


S: „Not an unknown person anymore. (laugh) Well, Czech environment of LoL is certainly something new for you. What are your expectations, for the next months within a team?“

T: „“I’m not completely sure what to expect! But I’m hoping to be able to work with some really motivated and talented players in the next couple of months, and really enjoy myself at the same time.“


S: „So far, we have announced our ADC player – German Xayah main Zavex. I am curious, what is your favourite post in LoL, and your favorite champ and why? (smile)

T: „I’ve been an ADC main since season 3 and also play a lot in the jungle, my favourite champion by far is Jinx, she was my first ever main and I love her design so much. „


S: „Alright, Tom. This is everything for today. Thanks a lot for your time and cooperation (smile). Right now, it’s your time to shine. You can now say hello to friends, fans or just say some inspiring words.“

T:“Thanks for having me! I cant wait to show people what I can do, and I hope the people reading this will follow us on this journey. (smile)

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